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Introducing Salamoji, an innovative range designed to make learning about the Quran fun and engaging for children.

With products like the Salamoji Quran Flash Cards and the Salamoji Ramadan Workbook, we bring the teachings of the Quran to life through vibrant illustrations and interactive activities.

From flashcards that explore the Surahs with captivating imagery to workbooks filled with puzzles and activities for Ramadan, Salamoji offers a delightful way for children to connect with their faith and learn about Islamic traditions in an enjoyable manner.

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Salamoji Ramadan Workbook 2024 Salamoji Ramadan Workbook 2024
  • -33%

    Introducing the Salamoji Ramadan Workbook, a delightful and educational resource designed exclusively for Shia children. This engaging workbook is carefully crafted with a variety of interactive activities, puzzles, and coloring pages to make the Ramadan...

    Quran flashcards Quran flashcards
    • -25%

      Introducing Salamoji Quran Flash Cards – a comprehensive 114-card pack designed to explore the beauty and insights of each Surah in the Holy Quran. This enlightening set includes the names of all the Surahs in...

      Salooni Salooni Card Game Salooni Salooni Card Game
      • -25%

        Introducing Salooni Salooni Muharram Edition – an innovative and educational game designed to deepen your understanding of the Shaheeds and the events of Karbala. This Muharram Edition comes in a 150-card pack, offering an engaging...

        Closer then my Jugular vein Closer then my Jugular vein
        • -33%

          Introducing Salamoji's "Closer Than My Jugular Vein" – a transformative journey through the Holy Quran with four close companions. This enlightening book takes readers on a profound exploration of the Quranic verses, offering a unique...

          Divine names Divine names
          • -17%

             A spiritual journey of poetic meaning. Taher Adel has created a thoughtful meditation on the meaning of Allah’s names with beautiful illustrations. It is my new companion in times of quiet contemplation."- Sheikha Bodour Al...

            Engraving arts set
            • -29%

              Introducing the Salamoji Engraving Art – a unique Muharram creativity set designed to inspire and deepen the connection with Azadari. This innovative kit features a scratch tool and specially crafted scratch cards, allowing enthusiasts to...

              Inspiration from Imam Ali Inspiration from Imam Ali
              • -40%

                Introducing the Salamoji Inspiration from Imam Ali (as) Book – a treasury of wisdom and enlightenment curated specifically for those seeking profound insights from the teachings of Imam Ali (as). This inspiring book encapsulates a...