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Explore our Gifts range, perfect for those seeking faith-driven, inspirational items. Each product is designed to foster a deeper connection with Islamic teachings and heritage.

Ideal for personal reflection or as meaningful gifts, these items celebrate the spiritual legacy of revered figures.

Whether for yourself or as a gift, find inspiration and faith in every piece. Perfect for homes, community spaces, or educational settings, embrace the spirit of devotion and learning.

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Kha_jour-Medjoul dates
  • -29%

    Pre order your box of dates and gift to family members as a Ramadan gift. Order now to receive in time for Ramadhan. Box of 500g worth of dates.

    Ramadan string lights Ramadan string lights
    • -38%

      A set of string lights to decorate your home, perfect for the children's room. 

      Eid Mubarak decorations
      • -33%

        Bring colour and joy in your home with our festive decoration! Celebrate the Eid Mubarak in style.

        Eid Mubarak balloons Eid Mubarak balloons
        • -33%

          Celebrate our Holy festivity and bring a spark of colour with our decorative balloons. Pack of 10pcs.

          Eid Mubarak banner
          • -33%

            What is the best way to say "Eid Mubarak" more than our lovely banner? Hang it in your home or in any place you want to celebrate our Holy festivity.

            Flags from the haram of Qamar Bani Hashim (as) Flags from the haram of Qamar Bani Hashim (as)
            • -17%

              Introducing the "Ya Qamar Bani Hashim" Shrine Flag – a sacred and resonant addition to your space, reflecting the sentiments from the shrine of the luminous moon of the Hashemite family. Imprinted with the heartfelt...

              Flags from the haram of  Abu Fadhil Abbas (as)
              • -17%

                Introducing the "Ya Abbas" Shrine Flag – a sacred and reverential piece that echoes the sentiments from the shrine of the heroic and steadfast Abu Fadhil Abbas (AS). Imprinted with the heartfelt phrase "Ya Abbas,"...

                Flags from the haram of  Imam Hussain (as) Flags from the haram of  Imam Hussain (as)
                • -17%

                  Introducing the "Ya Hussain" Shrine Flag – a sacred and poignant addition to your space, directly resonating with the revered Shrine of Imam Hussain (AS). Imprinted with the powerful phrase "Ya Hussain," this flag goes...

                  14 Infallibles poster 14 Infallibles poster
                  • -20%

                    Introducing the 14 Infallible A3 Poster – an informative fact file providing key details about the esteemed 14 Ahlulbayt. This A3 poster combines Arabic and English for accessibility, presenting essential information about each infallible figure in...